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Wiper stalk


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Literally takes 10 mins. Take off the steering wheel cowling and unplug the two multiplugs on the back and it was one screw holding them on undo that and swap them over. The relay either slots straight in or you have to move a piece of metal from the relay socket first :thumb:
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It's a very noisy JOB 8o 8o 8o (WHAT!!!)


Well because when you take the arm out, the two brass pins on the arm set off the horn when touching the airbag :( Make sure you're not doing it at 04:30am because you'll get a nasty visit from Uncle toothchipper !


... Long story short if you horn starts going off after changining the relay then put the arm in place and PRESS THE HORN and it'll stop then replace the screw on top of the arm to hold it on position then the outer cover :thumb:


E5C0127 51NGH

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