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Does any1 know of any insurance company's that dont mind insuring young drivers with fast cars? ha!


My brother went and bought himself a saxo vts 2day without checkin insurance prices!


He says it was an impulse buy!


So anyway. Hes 20 and the cars a group 14


Would it be best for him to join a club? or has anyone else had a similar experience?


Feedback appreciated

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I found that the supposed "Specialists" were crap for me....try Admiral and Tesco - they were best for me.....It might make it cheaper if he adds your mum/ dad (depending on circumstances) as a 2nd driver with admiral....because with then it usually makes it cheaper! :D


Good luck n hope he enjoys his new motor! :))

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slightly illegal this 1....


get INS on ya mam/dad/who eva 25+ and have them as principal driver and have ya bro as a named driver, i must warn though, this is called 'fronting' and the only real way u can b caught is if sum1 grasses you up, but sum companys like mine, the computer realises this and rates as the younger driver being principal driver..

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yeah called 'fronting' only illegal if your actually NOT the principal driver, but your driving AS a principal driver (IE more than 50% of the time)


but having your mam/dad/whoever on YOUR policy is fine, no law against that, unless their banned or sumit lol

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