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had a really wired dream


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the day i had my car back from the garage it started playin up that very night, and when i took it bkl the following day, or TBH had it towed back :roll: 2 of the guys i know had both had a dream about me and the car :roll:


the best of the 2 was, Wills,


He dreampt that the car had left the garage exactly as it did when it did, but that night i drove it down to some place in England (cant remember where) where he used to live, and he remembers there was a guy on the street who used to dodgy repairs on ppls cars, and for some reason in the dream i had replaced that guy :roll: so as i have 2 scorts in the dream it turned out that they thought i was ringin, cars, by havin descent ones MOT'd and then makin in theory a copy of the cars,


so summet or other l8r theres a massive police chase and we end up back in St Clears (where i live) and back at the garage cos summet had broken with my car,


which it did :eek:

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