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Extra extra grip pedals


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law states that you have to have rubber grips on your brake and clutch pedals! if you dont, you can get fined if your caught!


Some of the laws in this country are so fuckin stupid, i now choose to ignore them all and do as i please! :)


EDIT: oh and Ian, where online can i see a range of sparco pedals? A few people have mentioned these now! Said theres some kind of carbon fibre ones?

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howd ya figure that lee? cos if they are so must gearnobs, and alloy tax disc holders?



yep, alloy disc holders have had their day, mine comes out as soon as I can buy a normal one :)


I just think they look tacky as Fcuk, each to their own and all that :thumb:

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i got a richbrook tax holder didnt last a fcuking day on my cat the widow is curved in the corners so i had to Fcuk it off ;( £15 squid wasted i also have them momo grand prix peddels hav had em on for only a few weeks now and on the clutch peddle the rubber is starting to slip to one side ;( £35 quid to Pee me off i love it all this money for a load of agro :nutter:
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The Grand Pricks set is the one Toby chose to install in his 2.0 Almera GTi.


I - being the wiser and more enlightened of us - chose the Challenger set as they are moulded metal ribs which don't come off ;-)




Fair comment Lee....I do have boats for feet which means I prefer my pedals to have plenty of grip, because my feet tend to wander thanks to floor mats generally being shite and sliding my heels everywhere!!

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