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Colour coding the lip...


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The lip above the rear number plate- I wana colour code it- last weekend I colour coded the door handles, managed to do it without taking the handles off. :D


Managed to get masking tape behind the handles, so when I rub down the handles, the sand paper and wet 'n' dry were miles away from the bodywork, so not to scratch the bodywork. :D


But the lip is obviously flush to the boot- so is it stuck on or is it held on by a bolt? ?(

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i rubbed mine down with rough wet and dry then to take it down to 1200 grit to smooth it totally


i didn't use any primer on mine (should ave done reallly) just top coat and lots of laquer


its been on 6 months through direct sunlight and very low temperatures and aint cracked or otherwise gone dodgy since


so fingers crossed it stays that way

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