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My pics.....before car goes (56k beware)

kiss my rs

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Well the escort is provisionally sold [8D], guy should be down with cash this week or start of next week.


Its served me well, and it has given me something to work on over the past 2 years, i just wish i had my licence back so i could have a chance to drive it again.


I will miss it but its time to move on, time to get the licence back again and get something bit cheaper on the old insurance front.



So some pics of how it stands.....




















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Its a shame you are selling such a nice and well looked after car.

The pictures still look amazing to-date.

Hope you get your license back quickly and do it all over again :thumb: .


Good luck






thanks alot mate. :)


will be sad to see it go, i havent seen another one like it over here in NI.

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