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Bargain RS2000 Engine


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Came in job lot of parts i bought so have not seen it run.Was told it had done around 45,000 miles and is very clean inside cam cover,clean on outside and also very clean in throttle body.Looking for £250 and you get


RS2000 Engine with alternator,full injection system,coil packs,throttlebody,PAS Pump,wireing harness & complete with red spark plug cover.Does not have starter or exhuast manifold.


Would sell for less if it were a bare engine



The owner told me its deffinatly a good engine and i have checked compression which is perfect and also turns over my hand.


Also have another RS2000 Engine on less than average miles complete with all ancils and rebuilt gearbox £350 very good engine no smoke or rattles


Possibly can deliver myself for extra so PM location for price



Lots more rs2000 parts available


crspares@aol.com 07986038231

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would not say there would be much messing about.
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