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My new motor


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Nice one Tom sonny!!! Bit plain for me, but a nice, strong car!! :cheers:


Its only got 18K on the clock and FBMWSH as well for 11K!!!


K3V -> plain it may be but im hopeing this car wont be like that for long, saw the 325 ti last night the rear and front bumpers and side skirts are well nice :drool: .


Plus not that many around of that colour ive seen 1 around lichfield and 1 in the autotrader!!!!

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Looks Nice :)

I would go for a carbon effect dash kit and some replica or seconds hand alloys.

I think the split rims froma 328 sport would looks good 8)



Where do you reckon i could get the carbon effect dash kit from? ive tried searching for good websites for BMW styling but to no avail.

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Dont like those beemers, look like they were a gorgeous luscious figure like Beyonce, but went on the Atkins diet and lost their arse end now looks like a Paris Hilton, as in, no arse kinda look!


If ya like it though matey, thats what counts, fair play to ya

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