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weird thing goin on


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recently got a brand new battery as my old one was cabbaged......now (about 1month later) when starting the car, the battery warning light comes on an the car seems to be asleep still- the revs go from almost none existent to normal. what could be causing this and how do i fix it? thanks alot lads. :cheers:
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i had my battery chnaged last sunday


now my car when u start it, revs to 1500, and drops to 100 ish, and back up again and down and up, and sometime cuts out, it only does this when slowing down into first and ready to stop, i have to keep revs up for moving the car which car be hard at times,


really doing my head in, and took it to ford and they couldnt find anythign on the fault reader


doing my head in at the mo,

normal drivign its fine just until u prepare to stop

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