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FAO Dave W, Marcus, Scotteh, Rob84, Evv, BLING,

Lee R

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Dave, Scott, Marcus and Rob, You lot still meeting me and Ross at J15a on way to the Kent meet???


Rob, you wanna come a bit earlier, come to mine to drop the brakes off and for a cuppa? any of ya welcome to do this to break the journey up btw :thumb: :cheers:


Dave, Giles said £535 inc. :)


Evv, how did ya pay that money the other day? EDIT: Just found it.


BLING, you paid for Bedford yet? I dont recall you doing so


Chris, steering wheel will be posted tomoz, sorry fopr the delay, mine only came yesterday :(


Lambo, get the phone ok?

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my car is not going to be ready for the bedford show, so chute is going to take my place if that is alright with you, if it is ill let him know so he can paypal the money to you, or i could paypal the money to you and get it back off him, would that be easier so u get the money quicker mate


you got 24 hours to do what ya thinks best mate. After 24 hours, the ticket is mine :thumb:

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:roll:  :roll:  @ the messageboard


Lee how soon can he get them


Oh and i might come down earlier for a cuppa  :thumb:



you're more than welcome mate.


I assume he gets them as soon as he has the money. :)



Class Just debating weather i can afford the Comps now :drool:

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