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Shutterspeed experimentation......

kiss my rs

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Found these old pics i took a few years ago for GCSE to show "movement", forgot i had them lol.

I have alot more somewhere, some showing movement from 5-10 secs up to approx 2.5 hours.

The pics below are of my dad's old E36 325..... miss that car :( ...........




Also the pics below are taken with an exposure setting of 'bulb' meaning that when u click, the camera opens the shutter, and when u click again it closes, so the shot or exposure can be as long as you want.......



This pic started with opening the shutter, the bm sitting in front of the camera, facing up the road away from the camera for a few seconds then driving off up the road, turning (during which time a van drove past hence the big red line lol), then the bm returned to rest in front of the camera, this time facing the camera, sitting for a few sec's then closing shutter. (camera sitting on tripod)





This pic was taken in pretty much exactly the same way as the first, but at the start the Bm was sitting much closer to the camera and I also fired the flash (dont ask me why, just messing about lol), so it looks alot lighter, and u cant really see the font of the car this time, perhaps due to the shutter being closed this time without the car sitting for a few seconds at the end?. (Camera sitting on tripod but it must have shook alittle, hence slight blur)




what do you think?



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