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window seal rust?


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iv just been looking on ebay, and noticed a mk6 cabriolet,

and its got rust coming though under the window seals,




its an N reg cab, but still,

my car lives outside, so can i expect this in a few years, or is this a rarity,

is there a way of protecting your car from this, cos i have seen it on lots of mk5's and sierras an older fiestas

any info would be good,

cos this scared me actually 8o

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Wow never seen it that bad, usually u might get some localised surface rust under the outer seal. If you want to make sure your car wont end up like that then take the outer seal and door card off and inspect the area inside and out. Any minor rust should be rubbed down to bare metal and repainted. If its a bit worse than surface rust but not as bad as the pictures it may be possible to repair it but the use of body filler may be required if the surface is pitted. You'd be better off with new outer seals because old ones can retain water and its nearly impossible to take them off without bending or kinking them anyway. If you want to go to intensive measures then you can waxoyl the internal panels and box sections and treat the under side with an extra layer of underseal.
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