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I love computers!!


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just came into work and the WHOLE of more than are down, part from the indian call centre PMSL lol


the amount of complaints wer goin to get is unreal


i get roughly 5 calls a day from people sayin that they hang up when a ethnic friend answers the phone


'you geordies are always better to talk to'

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i dont suppose you work for 3 mobiles do you, cause they always have ethnic people talking to ya

PMSL defo not, would neva work for them


they have loads of call centres in india, and wait for it..........................................................

.................1 in scotland.


:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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Ahhh i used to love it when ours did that at Liverpool Vic! Twas great....


Hate Indian Call centres......my bloody bank....and Dell - the ethnic was a big reason i didnt end up buying the pc!! :)

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right after Adrian Flux :cheers:  :cheers:


GRR!! h8 adrian flux


anyway, 7724 17956


more th>n is 20+, 21 and under are gona have like a £400 excess, they dont care about body mods but are DEAD strict on engine mods


givit a shot on the net as your getin 10% still, if u ring say u got told to quote 'CARTV' (-£20)

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