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Aren't the 2.0 cams the same as the 130bhp 1.8 Zetec ones? (as fitted to the XR3i mk5).

If so, fitting them in conjunction with a 2.0 throttle body should work nicely shouldnt it? Although you might need a 130 ECU to make it all run nice aswell ?(

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If it were me, and i might think about doing it in the future. i would see if i could pick some cams up from the scrap yard (hopefully very cheap) and give it a go.


If it gives more power it's good. :D

if it's the same then at least you know. :)

if it doesn't then you put the original ones back on and you've only wasted a day and a few quid. :(


let us know how it goes if you do try it.

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