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Anyone else with BT broadband???

Mk6 Si Ross

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We are to be given free upgrades!!!!!


My 1mb line could become 2mb, they say they will be writing to customers as and when it happens which is gonna be a long term project over the next 5 months :thumb:



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NTL upgraded all there BB packages about a year ago - 1MB to 1.5MB etc.  :thumb:


that link for the FAQ goes on about a 2MB trial, wouldm't hold me breath - this is BT we are on about after all  ;)


just got an email about it too, also a few quid cheaper for 3 months!!!! :D


We're always looking for ways to offer BT Yahoo! Broadband customers the best possible service, and that's why we're busy upgrading your line to 2Mb. That's twice your current speed. You will be pleased to know that, as a BT Yahoo! Broadband 1Mb customer, you'll receive this upgrade first. In addition, we're reducing your price for three months, giving you even better value.


You don't have to do a thing

Rest assured, this upgrade is at no extra cost to you and it requires no extra equipment. It will happen sometime between 17th February and 9th March 2005.


Most upgrades will take place automatically - you won't need to do anything and there will be no need for an engineer to visit. On the actual day of the upgrade, you may experience a short loss of service - this should be less than 30 minutes. In the unlikely event that your line cannot support 2Mb, we'll let you know as soon as possible.


Not a penny more

We're reducing the cost of your BT Yahoo! Broadband service by £2.99 a month (from £29.99* down to £27.00*) for three months from February or March - depending on your billing date.

You'll keep your 30GB (gigabyte) monthly usage allowance with your new 2Mb service. 30GB usage is more than enough for the vast majority of customers. For example, you can send and receive about 500 photos and watch 6 hours of video downloaded from the web each week. 

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what happens when they dont have ur email address? I signed up to the basic package in july last year when BB came to town (very much like santa did, but at a different time of year and with less pressies). Im guessing they are gonna upgrade me to 2mb, and if they dont, I will kick up hell!!! LOL!


Im withing spitting distance of the exchange, I can actually see it from my bedroom window :thumb: :P

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