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indigo dials


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Like These!!!


these are the Plazma Dials from Auto Tint Design. They look much better

in the Car than in the pic!!


Ive got them fitted to my 1996 RS2000







matt  :D


ooh nice, hard to fit????? ?(


Oh look, there's the website name on the dials too :thumb: :cheers:

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There not difficult to fit just a bit fiddly!! The only bit of wiring is that you need is a power feed and an earth feed. For the power feed I tapped into the Wire for the Dashboard lighting. So when you turn the lights on they come on. Then it is just a case of taking the clocks out and sticking the new face over the top of the old one. (Being careful not to snap the needle Like I Did!!!) You dont even need to take the needles off from the dials.


Hope this helps.





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Yeah!! The actual Dial Face glows up so there is no need for the bulbs. I removed the bulbs and wired in the Plazma Dials as above.


On a standrad car There are only two bulbs for the illumination right at the front that shine down onto the front of the dials these are the two bulbs you will need to remove.





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