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How Would You React To This?


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anybody remember that Ride where i used to work where that girl fell off and died?


well its re-opening in a month, no of us have really had any thanks from the owners of the place, ESPECIALLY people like myself who were the FIRST on the scene and the things we saw, heard and did. :censored:


and we have had no answers as to what happened, :vangry:


nothing at all. so im not really sure what to say to it all. :(

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not what i mean i wudn work there again if they offerd double wages cos it sucke big time the way staff are treated,


i'm just saying the staff that were there and even the staff that are still there have had no letter or notification thast it was re-opening, :vangry:


we have not even had an explanation as to what happened in the first place

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"As with all rides at Oakwood, Hydro ride operation and design is signed off as safe by independent certifying engineers before it is opened to the public.


i think im gonna cry,



fcuking WRONG












apart from their monthly 'independant' checks


the engineers are, an EX FORD mechanic,

ex Vauxhall mechanic

and 2 farmers and a trainee.


i've done more fcukin engineering that these guys ever will. :censored:

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