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summer holiday


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bin to 'sunny beach' brebs!


day after the last GCSE i was regretting goin when i got the airport, soon as i got to the resort i was lovin it, a 20 minute taxi ride, cost like £3 lol, took £500 spendaz with me, obv, parents had more, but i came back with 100 i was out clubbin wit me step sis EVERYNIGHT 7pm-7am JUGS of bulgarian rip of stella (which was LUSH) for 80p, even the mac D's over there are cheap



1 bit of advice, if you get a buggy out, dont go raggin round corners on slipper sand, i banged into the ever popular bulgarian mafia (they run bulgaria) but a moderate size dent in the side and this HUGE black guy got out and laughed and gave me a push on my way lol


get yaself away! :thumb:

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wit me step sis whos got lovely JUGS



Any pics??

sorry, ex-step sis, and yes HAHA, my dad and her mam wernt engaged or owt, ujst livin together ETC so it was just another lass to me (and no u pervs, i didnt do anythin with her lol)

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Bulgaria's ace! I went with my mate and his family last summer - it was immense! If you go to Sunny Beach, make sure you go visit Millie's British Bar and check out the quiz night; it featured such gems as "What time is Coronation Street usually on?"


Also - you can't go wrong with four double vodkas for £1!


EDIT: I only edited this to correct a spelling mistake but thought I'd highlight the fact that I've had the opportunity to use the edit function for the first time!

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