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Engines Shot


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Apparently head gaskets gone, and repairing it on old, 100k+ is silly, so gettin options assessed by garage next week, options will be rebuild it, or drop another 1.6 in.


Say i have the prefered option of droppin in a 1.8, does it fit? and what are the complications?


Cheers in advance guys....

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Well i been thinkin a lot bout puttin a 2litre in it, but im torn in two. One side of me is tellin me to go for it and do the 2litre conversion, but the ova side is tellin me that i shuldnt cause of insurance reasons. But i really wouldnt mind havin that extra huge amount of bhp and torque.
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Been in the garage now, he reckons engines well and trully knackered, gettin a replacement 1.6, tut I know, but just easier, plus the old mans paying so no complaints really, need atleast another year outta the car before I can afford to change.


Cheers for the advice fellas...

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