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advice on mondeos????


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Afternoon all.


I have got the chance to buy a mondeo for £150 as my mate has just lost his license and needs to pay his speeding fine asap. And I need a cheap runaround asap.


Its an 1800i lx

mot to end of oct

100k miles


Just needs a new bumper.


Anyone know what are they like to drive, and what should I look out for?



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If you need a cheap run around then £150 does it....but personally thats all I think the standard mondys are worth....everyone I know who's had one has endless problems - but for £150 I really wouldn't argue! :D
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mate buy it!!! i bought a mondy as a run about just before xmas M reg 1.8 Mistral 89000 for £200 andits give me no problems and drives lovely! its a 115ps so its got the same power as a escort gti so i wouldnt wory about engine size!! if it breaks throw it away!! when i find myself a new car mines goingon ebay starting a quid and will just sell it to highest bidder for what ever it gets. as long as its got a bit of mot and tax you cant go wrong .
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