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an update


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guess who i saw in my local tesco express last night


the guy who hit my door! :O :O


got his car reg and even better, i found out where his works, soon ill have his name, then his address.


My insurance company are expressing an interest and are going to send an investigator round (well they do want their £1,000 back lol)


What goes around comes around heh? :D

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ad confront him, and the SECOND he thinks of lippin u, stick 1/2/3 nuts on him (depending how quick u r lol)


he's a bit taller then me :( id end up nutting his nipples lol



Go through insurance......


then a couple of weeks / months down the line, do what's necessary!


oi, get of my wavelength


Good news.  Do ya reckon the other guy has insurance ?(


i dont know :(

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