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Painting Calipers

Mike C

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everyone says the caliper paint stuff is nowt special, and to use hammerite or summat, but what would i use to paint 'em red?


do i need the caliper stuff or is there any other kinda high-temperature paint that u can get in red?


would love it to be a proper radient red if poss, but dunno whether u could get hi-temp paint mixed or whatever



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Use Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint - in Smooth Red, it doesn't say its temp resistant but dw it is (I painted my Inlet Manifold and Calipers with it)


Comes up wicked mate, very bright red! Takes quite a few coats tho, as for finding a perfect colour match ask Ford if their paint is Heat Resistant...could always take the callipers off then spray em if it is! :thumb:

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