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At the moment I'm on 195/50/15 "Star Performer" (ie crap) tyres, and I have to say the ride is fcuking terrible. So bad I'm beginning to think i need to have a proper look under this car.


Is this probably down to the make of the tyres, or the profile, or a bit of both.


Are the name brands a bit more comfortable, or should i just go for a 55 profile, would prefer comfort over looks really.

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I'm wondering that! It just seems a bit... hard! I know all Ford's are quite stiff from past experience, but I'd like to see another car and feel what it's like, same as mine.


I know at least one brake disc is warped since it vibrates when braking, and I can see deposits of dust left on it when the pads came off the disc. Warped discs can hardly make it that bad ? TBH it's probably just the road I go to work.


It'll be getting a timing belt, new brakes on front axle and my usual 6 month oil / filter change this weekend so we'll see if it improves.

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