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Locked out


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As least you two weren't to blame, I locked myself out of my old Astra so many times just by pushing the door lock down and shutting it leaving the keys on the front seat. Fortunately the talents of my mis-spent youth came in useful and I could break in quite easily! :innocent:


Penny :)

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:P ..........don't you just hate that when you realise you've locked yourself out?

When i first got my esc cos it had no remote alarm so i used to disable the car with a battery cut off i have fitted, keys were inside with the passenger door locked but the drivers just closed.When i powered up the battery the door locked on the central locking 8o .....locking me out.The spare set were over a M8s house the other side of town :censored:

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mine fcuking locks me in,


if the car aint been used for a while or the battery is nearly out you try and unlock the door and it will lock again,


so u gotta go passenger side and unlock it and open the door really quick, and if you leave the door open you can hear the locks clicking, so u get in passenger side, shut the door and then try to open it,


and BUMP!! u headbutt the fcukin window cos its deadlocked :pancake:


and u cant get out of any door, took me ages to figure out how to get out.

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I got locked out of my Cento once in Blackpool - apparantly the rolling code on my blipper managed to reset itself somehow - got my Dad to drive over with my spare and it opened fine ?(

Dad managed to get there in about 15 mins anyhow LOL :devil:

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