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Accord type R


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Just had a test drive in an Accord Type R.


Was very nice, well built and sporty feeling. The vetec kick was very noticable, you could hear and feel it :D I didnt feel it when I drove a 04 Civic type R. It felt quick but not scary quick like I was hopeing, but probably better testing it on some good open roads not where I drove it ;)


No electric rear windows lets the car down a bit I think X(


I would have been interested in buying it if they hadn't offered me a joke part exchange :censored:

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Another thought:

The gearbox was odd, very close togeather and quite notchy/lumpy. maybe takes some getting used too.


Also I couldnt pull away at low revs - touch the accelerator and it was at 3k rmp :)


?( Should be easy to drive, perhaps you are 'lead footed' :P

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