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Wahay!!! Car Lowered and serviced!


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Well lads, and ladies, good news, ive finally had my car lowered with the full works!


Sitting a nice 40 mm lower to the ground, the handling is already a shed load better, but thanks to improved brakes and pads all over the car's much better.


I will post all my details later, and wait and see some of the quotes ive had for some serious bodywork!



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No mate, I payed about 200 for mine plus delivery in Northern Ireland which was an extra £30 quid sadly! ;(


*This was my original post on the mk5r so here we go for everyone to read!*


Right, just back from my mechanic / painter mate and when I was down there I happened to notice some bodywork he was doing on a Honda Civic, FAP ME, if hes only painted and fitted some EVO 6 vents to the bonnet, Z3 Vents in the wings, skirts, bumpers and the full works, and the car looks amazing!


So I asked him for a rough quote for the following...... bear in mind however I will need to get the parts myself!


EVO 6 Bonnet vet cut and smoothed into the bonnet and a full re-spray of bonnet - £70


M3 skirts cut and fitted to my Escort and painted - £30


ST24 Rear bumper sprayed and fitted - £45


A special custom bumper painted, sanded, re-shaped, and adjusted to fit the escort - £130 quid!


THATS £275 FORTHE FULL WORKS............


But get this, he says if I remove my door handles and with mirrors he will spray the whole lot for free at once as well whenever hes doing one of the other jobs!




Wanna be really annoyed as well? Hes just fitted all my new suspension, all new brushes, all new springs and dampers, new disc's, pads, air filter, full service, and a full oil and water replacement, along with filling the car with dot 5.1 brake fluid............. GUESS


£140 including everything but suspension parts (which I bought!)


Was helping him out, greasing up everything, all the calipers, brushes, EVERYTHING, and absolutly excellent job..................


Looks like by the summer time I might just have that bad ass ride i was wanting


Calfornia Style anyone?

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BTW did i menction the fact that the car is absolutly DECKED!


I love it, and so did a certain lady friend today :devil2:


Yea these prices are dam excellent, and im going back to the mechanic for a few more bits and pieces........


New oil plug in engine, reconditioning the alternator, new timing belt, all new rear brake cylinders, and shoes (just cause im obsessive about brakes and tyres!).............






And no, this aint the cowboy that fecked up my gearbox and clutch.......... BTW Did I menction he fixed that for me as well? He got me a replacement set of bolts for the clutch housing, and didnt change me anything extra to fit em when the car was on the ramp..............


"It was already up there, and it was only 5 minates work anyways............."


A excellent job and an excellent price!


BTW, Heres what im thinking about for the summer time.......................




Yes, they are the same wheels as Steve, and yea, I do like em shed loads, but its a choice between em and Super Leggera's and the BK226s are winning atm!




What can I say, the best form of falttery is blaintent copying!

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A mates garage about two miles from my house, he works outta his own house and just does about 3 or 4 car's a week, hes kinda retired at 40 after doing everything from building MK2 RS2000 Rally car's to restoring a old Ford Anglia for his sons............




Some things are definatly good, he knows just about everything regards Fords and most other car's, and he actually has a huge referance guide for Haynes manuels in one of his many barns where he does all the work!


Hes even got a full penumatic jack for lifting the complete car up, along with a baking oven.



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Haha, No...........




Hes moving even closer to my house, WOHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH


(evil laugh echoes around the forum)


I fear my car might actually end up extrememly modded within the next year.......... Just gotta get the money to do it.


Kidney anyone?

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