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:D hopefully 2x 17cm comps in door pods 1x 3way to replace ford door speakers 1x 6x9. 3x 12' spl subs 2000 watts each. each sub is running 1000watts, the comps will run 200watts each the 6x9 and the 3way's will be run off the head unit.ive just had a quote to re wire all the ford speaker cables and fit the amp wire alltogeter around £265 havent got any ICE yet. will stat to get it in the next three weeks im gonna try 1 sub out 1st to see how they handle and work from there. all the ICE is pioneer. the subs are 121 spl's and the amp's are digital 2 ome mono a sub boxed and amped package is £349 each in 4-gauge but i wont really need the amp wire but tis always handy :roll:
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