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After deciding that i wanted to go for a drive well after 9pm i convinced Lee that he wanted to go too and we popped over to Bedford to find that all the Mc Donalds were shut by 11pm and also that the main A6 through had been shut due to a massive incident, Fire Engines n police all over the place, the cop who had the road closed pulled me over to tell me i had my fogs on X( :D as cos Lee was on the phone to me via hands free he turned his off as he walked upto him!!! (This was St Johns Street btw anyone from Bedford, if ya find out what is was let me know)


Then we thought balls lets go Milton Keynes instead, so we did :D






On the way back after doing 100+ for too long and 140+ to junc 15a my exhaust is now blowing badly from the CAT area and sounds like a tank so no Si 2nite at the Kent meet ;( ;( Just put 40 quids worth of NOS in it too X(

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