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God Sake


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? is this a rugby thing? sorry mate peanut chasing aint my thing  :thumb:


Oh you follow that sissybally ? where u get tapped in the toe and procede to do 18 back flips, 21 summersults, a couple of forward rolls, then the water works start - and the second you get a free kick or the decsion you want your perfectly fine ??


What betta example then rivaldo, that sums your sport up to a T !! box2.gif

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pmsl, makes me laff how ppl think england is this 1 bloke, hes good yeah and his boot def helped us win the world cup, but 80% of that winning side dont play for england no more lol, new team...gotta start from scratch :thumb:



very true , most of world cup winning team have left so we have to start again and re build , who caresa bout 1 6 nations torniment (sp) weel be ready for the next world cup :D

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yeah been keepin track the last few weeks, its shockin i think, he WANTS to get playing again but they are saying no....


rugby is the REAL MANS SPORT IMO, they dont go off the pitch because sum1s elbow slightly grased/broke their nose like foo foo footballers do, rugby players take a RIGHT GOOD KICKIN before they come off


i used to play, and h8 it when ppl say its a shite sport or 'peanut chasing'....



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