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what next?


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Help ?(


Need sum advice from any1 who wants to offer.


Ive just got an escort whale tail fitted to me mk6, but looks a bit daft sat on 14" alloys and no other parts of an escort cossie.


not sure what i shud do next.


Either: 1. Get the rest of the cossie body kit

2. Get 17/18" gold monza's

3. new exhaust system


Which one shud i get first?





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remember mate if you get the rest of the cossie kit the rear quater panel where the petrol cap is may need to be modified as the mk6 cap is bigger than the mk5's


or you could get your alloys and when you have got your kit on get 20mm spacers or as Ian said get a pug offset to get the wheels flush with the kit either way it works mate

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one of me mates told me bout the petrol cap problem, said it may be a problem


what do u mean with the pug offset? ?(



just modify the rear quarter before the kit goes on then it should be ok.


the offset of the wheels nearly every car has a different offset so that the wheels fit ok, with your car having the wider arches with the original escort offset a peugeot offset will be OK.

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