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1 More Sleep To Go......


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The bastid thing is, once i get it, we are havin our drive done in blockpavin, which will take around 3-4 weeks, so wont be able to get the car in or oout. So might have to keep it on next doors drive undercover!! 8o 8o 8o


Pti, its mildy fettled mate (287bhp), nowt outstanding but will do for me, it fcukin flys though!! :roll: :roll: Its P reg, 31k, Rondells (which need a refurb), leather, aircon, FFSH, every receipt blah blah blah.


Just hope everything goes to plan tomorrow with the Bank/DVLA tommorrow (DVLA bit is a long story, concerning his private plate). Heres a pic that i took earlier, i dont get it till 2mo though!! (Its had a new splitter fitted today too)



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Me mate had one a few years ago got it tuned to 330 bhp and it was a flyer then he got used to the power and upped it to 420 and absoluetly ruined it it was either on or off in the end he p/x'ed it for another 330 bhp escos which he still has today i'll see ya at one of the shows so i can have a drool :thumb:
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If you want to sell your rondells give me a shout , whatever condition they in i will be interested


No way mate. They are my fave wheels ever, going for a refurb next week!! The guy who im buying the car off has 8 brand new ones!!! But he's keepin em!! 8o :O


I know a place that can get em brand new if ya want? £1500quid withtyres!!

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