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IAT timing sensor mod


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I've just bought a IAT timing sensor modification on ebay. it only cost under a fiva so i thought it would be a cheap experiment. :)


any way has any of you used one of these, if so where the Fcuk do you put it? X(


the instructions are diagrams are good if you've got a seperate sensor, but i think on the mk6 the air intake temp sensor is part of the MAF sensor. It says to put it in to one of the wires. but surely that wont bypass the sensor. ?(


can anyone help, i don't wanna start chopping wires if i'm not sure.

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The air intake temp sensor is not part of the MAF, If you have the metal type intake its bolted into the rear of that, if you have the plastic type intake its bolted into the intake pipe that leads to the throttle body.


You will only need to cut one wire and I'm not sure wich one, at the end of the day its only a varible resistor and tricks the car into thinking the air its sucking in is at a different temperture than it really is, so don't be surprised if the outcome of the experiment is higher fuel consumption! :)

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