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whats the difference?


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st24 .. 2.5litre v6 168bhp std

st200 .. 2.5litre v6 around 194bhp std

st220 .. 3litre v6 anything between 220 upto 240bhp std



st24 not recaros but half leather .. look similair to the gti seats, aircon

st200 always recaros.. some half leather, vast majority took the option of full leather.. fake carbon dash and gearknob.. st200 stamped mats and st200 stamped stainless steel sills, climate control all come with a 6disc changer under the passenger seat

st200 limited edition saloon .. same as 200 except the middle parts of the seats are blue and the dash is blue as well

st220 recaros .. only leather i think


wheels and suspension

st24 4 spoke 16" wheels.. those "turbo" ones.. most people hate em

st200 17" multispokes with lowered and uprated suspension over the 24

st220 18" multispokes (5stud fitment) :drool:


st200's only come in imperial blue.. (unless its an ex-copper one then its white)

newer 220's also come with a 6speed box 8)


think thats everything :)

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