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Wheel Colour Advice Needed


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Yeah I know its not an Escort and most of you hate Nova's but this is my plaything 8)


What do you reckon, black wheels or White wheels?






I really love both!


Thanks in advance guys. Reason I'm asking is I love so many of the cars on here, your not a boy racer faggot stuff website so your opinions really do count :)

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Thats what I was thinking.......... Black wheels just look so badass.


I love white wheels, the wheels look great in white (RL7 competition wheels) but they dont suit the stupid colour. Was thinking of changing the colour of the car to somethign else eventually but I'm more then happy just to get the thing on the road for now :innocent:

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Anything from a Grand upwards depending on spec and how well they have been put together. Normally get a good one from 1.5K to 2K.


You can build them for peanuts though :thumb: shame finding a good shell is hard these days.

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