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Seems that the electrics on the arse end of my mk6 have decided to take on a life of their own.


The rear wiper, the heated rear screen, the remote boot release and the fog light have all ceased to function.


When i try the wiper the fog light comes on but no wiper. When i try the boot release the switchs for the fog light and the rear screen light up, but the boot remains looked. What the hell is going on!!



I had the idea that the amp and subs that i fitted might have something to do with it so i re conected everything, no change.


A mate of mine said it could be an earthing problem, if it is what can i do about it?


This is starting to really Pee me off now so any advice would be appriciated, has this happened to anyone else?



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Ah, ive said this one sooooooooooooooo many times................




AHA, ive discovered the exact reason for it doing this. Theres a wire that feed the rear fog light, and it runs down the boot´s inside, along the electric window. No this wire splits off with the rear wiper and the rear headed windscreen controled of it also.


However if you look at the inside of the car, you will see a pile of wires that run down the boot in different parts, this is casue the larger wire actually has seperate wires within it (I guess so they can feed it through the bodywork easier!


This wire will become bent and the metal of the wires actually disshapes becasue when the boot opens, it turns from a nice round O shape into an amost flat oval. In other words the wire is being squashed and worn away over the years.


The best way to fix this is to actually be gentle when opening and cloosing the boot so that the wire is not flexed in quick actions.


You could also replace it, but that would require removing the interior roof, the interior boot panels and tracing the wiring throught the entire car back to the dash board.


BOO........ Alternatively if you found the worn out section, you could by-pass it with some skill and a soldering iron and some wire. A diy FIX.


For me, I just close my boot and open it easier now instead of allowing it to open.


Heres how you try it to find out if its the wire!


If you turn the car lights on to normal beam, and open the car boot.


Now dive inside the car and turn on the fog light! (you will notice that when the boot was closed that both the lights of the rear heated window and the fog lights would normally appear at once, however now only one will appear)


Now return to the car outside. Keep close attention to the rear fog light. Now close the boot and dont slam it shut. You will see the light flicker, and when the boot is about 6 inches from being closed the fog light will proabley flick off..........


If thats it, then your wires weak. If you are careful when closing your boot you can get the light to stay on, and then the next time you go to use it, the light, rear heater and wiper will work!


It took me three hours to do all this research and ive checked and tred everything. Even my dad´s friend who work´s on auto electrics counldn´t get why, he reckoned it was a bent wire, so I did the rest.


This is what i recemmend so give it a try........... :thumb:


and if it is a fucked wire, then just cut it out and replace it with a newer section and get the old soldiering iron out, wolla. Mine has fixed itself so I don't worry anymore!

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I've got the same problem, and have come to the conclusion that I cant be bothered to do anything about it :evil: Although my reverse lights tend to work now and then, not always, 50/50 Is this included in all these problems do you reckon? or is it totally something different ?(
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