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RS2k Side skirts and spats still waiting for me to pull the finger out and get them sprayed and put on


ghia rear numberplate surround on its way too (but not sure if it'll stay once it arrives!)










Engine bay is well overdue a clean!!! and is crying out for some bling i think 8)

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Love the Escort Si badge, where you get them from ?  :baby:

thanks mate, the 'Escort' is a genuine item from a Mk1 Escort but i believe Burton produce them now, the Si Badge is as found on the Mk5b Si's, Mk3 Fiestas and Mk1 Mondeo's :D


look pretty good i agree :))

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Car looking good sas, whats next on the list after the numberplate surround? Exhaust?


Thanks mate


Waiting to go on: Ghia Rear Numberplate Surround, Mondeo Mk1 Splitter, Rs2k Skirts and Spats

Going to make: Forced Air Induction

Also hoping to: Get Magnex Cat-back, Car Lowered 40mm and Strut Braces Front & Back



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