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Road closed n area sealed off

Mk6 Si Ross

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Up to 100 people have been removed from homes and businesses in the St James area of Northampton after a fire broke out at a garage. The area around Weedon Road and up to Sixfields is expected to remain cordoned off for the next 24 hours.


Just had a walk up the estate to the main road and its well n truely shut. Police n Fire brigade all over the place!!!





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We went past there last night didnt we


"wasnt me"  :P




wax, bingo bingo bingo :D :D :D


I going work at 6.30, looks like i got an empty road in the direction i wanna go anyway, getting back home in the morning will be fun if they aint gone :thumb:

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I heard bout that on the radio, me and the missus were tryin to get to b&q and town. We gave up in the end cause the traffic was so bad! Was tailed back all the way to st jimmys end. Which garage was it???


Something like SPS, SMS something with 3 letters ?(


Oppo the junction of Spencer Bridge Rd near the working mens club n Parrs

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