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i have fit my alarm that works but the central locking module is driving me mad under the module is two plugs one with ten wires big ones. one with little wires 9 of them all with twin coloured wires ford said violet and white/violet and yellow that didnt work haynes manual said yl blk and wt and somthing well that didnt work ideas would be appreciated oh and a spell check lol :nutter:
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Ok mate, Ford have changed the colour codes on the escort looms several times so you can't always go by them. That's why the haynes manual will always say "typical" when showing a paticular wiring diagram. On my car the the plug you need has 9 big wires coming from a socket that has 10 pins, one pin not being used. The other multiplug has 26 pins I think but again not all are used. If you take the plug out of the socket you can see numbers printed on the inside to tell you which pin is which. On my car the wires were as follows.


Yellow wire is pin number 5 - Lock signal wire.

White wire is pin number 6 - Unlock signal wire.


Hope this helps.

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