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Heya dudez and dudetz. I gave my baby bro a standard mk5b 1.4LX escy. only prob is that its got a CVH, which means he cant get a new induction kit for it. I've heard you can drill into the air filter to let more in, cud this Fcuk up the engine though, I know you can get a K&N standard filter replacement aswell. He's only young nd cant afford anything bigger till he's older o gets a gd job.


Cya guys later,


PS how can I get my evo picture as my signature strip.




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Ok as promised here's how to make your own performance filter/induction kit. It is for any escort with a carb or cfi. Its a bit of a blue peter style effort but its cheap and sounds a whole lot better than the standard ford item.


You'll need -

Jigsaw(cutting type) or a large hacksaw blade.

A permnament marker

A new standard ford air filter for your car.

The willingness to destroy your standard induction system.


Take the whole air filter housing off the car watch for the oil seperator and air temperture sensor if fitted and dismantle the air filter housing. Trace around the outside of the filter with it in the housing so that when you take out the filter you have a mark of were the filter sits, this is your guide to were you need to cut with the hacksaw/jigsaw. do the same with the lid so that when you reassemble the whole thing with your new filter you can see filter all around the edges and the base and lid clamp the filter tightly.




Good luck :thumb:

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