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My Escort RS Cosworth


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After getting the text off mike and being gutted, i cheered myself up andwent to fetch it!! First thing was first, had to go out in Cams Vspec R34 GTR. No words other than FCUK ME!! ;)

Feels Sooo fast compared to the Mk4, no wheel spin, just goes!!!!!!! At the minute, it seems to be overboosting in 3rd and 4th, but this will besorted when it goes up to MSD for setup. Exhaust to turbo bit is rattling to which means its louder than it should be, but apart from that, i cant stop smiling!! Heres a few, still got to polish it yet though!!









Oh yeah, newsplitter will be fitted at weekend, and Plate aint mine!! :( :D :D

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it looks awesome mate. I'm starting to like 'em in red now, never did before.


Glad it's quicker than u thought, cos Rob took me for a spin in the mk4 last night and that's pretty nippy! :baby:


don't worry 'bout the plate, u got a much better one that'll find a home on there! ;)

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