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Ok mate you'll need a complete donor escort prefrably a 1.8 and a 2.0 mondy engine.


U'll need to take the following from the donor car Fuel tank with pump and fuel lines, Complete front end loom as far back as the ecu and the rear end loom(fuel pump wiring). complete Intake and exhaust manifolds, ecu, altenator with bracket inc p/s pump, p/s rack and all hosing if not fitted to your current car, water pump(if in good condition), CVH oil filter, flywheel, sump and oil pick up pipe with dipstick, exhaust system, driveshafts, gearbox and linkages, battery, engine mounts and all engine assocated wiring, hoses, clips etc. Compete new set of gaskets and belts etc.


U'll then need to strip the 2.0 down to a bare block and tranfer all the parts on to it and use a new 220mm 1.8 zetec clutch. rewire your car, fit the engine and box and get the ecu remapped to suit the 2.0.


This is only a quick run through cos its a lot more envolved than this and will take a long time to do correctly. If your on a budget you could just go with the 1.8 conversion for the time being! :cheers:

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