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me and gem been thinking of different hols for this year and we both like the idea of going to paris, i'd like to drive there,


now just want to no, what stuff i need to check, insurance etc on what i might need


any advice from anyone done it before would be greatful :thumb: :thumb:

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Speak to your insurance company, they will give you some european cover for a small fee (although some do this for free)

Then you will need a first aid kit, a warning triangle and a spare bulb kit. All law in france.

Other than that enjoy as i do when driving in France, roads are much, much better than uk.

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http://driving.drive-alive.co.uk/driving-in-france.htm. Have a look at that site, it's pretty handy. As said, you'll need a warning triangle etc. Also some headlight deflectors (which are a bugger to remove afterwards).


Oh, and you'll need balls of steel, a healthy selection of French insults and a certificate proving that you're insane to drive in the centre of Paris :thumb: .

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Paris is hell to drive in! Motorways are ace (E40)


You well need a fire extinguisher too (its the law)

I live in europe and they are strick if you get stopped, which you may very well do!

Last time i drove back to the UK i got pulled twice and my car got search with dogs!

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