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mk6 dashboard and white dials


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wanted 1 black mk6 dashboard in V good condition, but also cheap/free :)


also wouldn't mind some while dials :thumb:


hmm actually also some mk6 4/5dr doorcards as well


if anyone can find this before easter would be great :thumb:


don't worry too much about doorcards though as i think the ones i have would be ok, few marks on them (probs clean off)

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yeah got them :thumb:


as i said, the doorcards are probably sorted actually, maybe i should edit that out of the first post... hmmmm


basically... i have a mk6 orion sitting outside in the back yard (written off) i thought it had everything i needed until i realised someone had fitted a fooking phone kit by drilling 3 massive bloody holes in the dash :curse: :censored:


so now i need a new dash


oh P.S. would orion rear seats fit in mine?

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yeah it's in one piece, since it's held together with duct tape :roll: :roll:


i've had a look round the car and there really isn't much worth salvaging, someone didn't really care about it ;(


oh and front seats are sorted (blue/black cobra imolas coming soon :thumb: :thumb:)

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yeah, that's the problem and also i dunno how much a scrappy would charge?


there's a ford scrap yard a few miles away from where i live, i might see if i can get in contact-- problem is most of the cars are stacked and getting a dash out of a 3 car pile is just slightly dodgy X(

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