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Driving Test Tommorow!!!

Nick C

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Was my first test (sorry forgot who asked), I have no points lol.


Unfortunately I failed ;(


I'll explain why! Basically I knew I am not good at sticking to speed limits, so I figured I would take a look in the highway code section of my Theory book to memorise them this morning, so I did and off I go. Did my lesson perfectly, was really confident cause I passed my mock test the other day and I didn't do any of the usual stalling or bits that I do! Anyways onto the real test, had a reverse bay straight away which I nailed, and a 3 point turn which I nailed, however I failed on speeding in a 30 zone, I did 40! Problem was it was a giant open single carriageway, (no central reservation) and a very wide almost two lane roads, (so nearly as wide as 4 lanes!), there was hardly anything around just open green fields and the odd building, everyone around me was canning around at a minimum of 40, I was holding everyone up. Now I thought to myself I will fail if I hesistate and I assumed it was a 40, as soon as a accelerated she said slow down this is a 30 - my heart sank cause I knew I had failed!


Was rather peed off as I couldn't see any signs, and I got no minors for mirrors! Just on observation of lanes and signs, I couldn't believe it was just a 30...but lesson learnt.


Anyways....not much else to say now :(

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