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number plates


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been a while since i done it, but it was £80, need the mot, and possiably the tax from the car its comming off, and the car its going onto from what i can remember. Think to put it onto retention (instead of another car) its the same price but £25 extra to put it onto a car from retention, and £25 a year or something, cant remember it all now, but it should tell you on the dvla site :)
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dunno lol

i had brand new plates which cost me over 30 quid sitting waiting to go on the car ;(



Kirsty, thats the funniest thing you have ever said :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


you'll pay £80 transfer for the sake of some plates :roll:



just get new plates made up for the next car :nutter: :roll:

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