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my scort


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well im new so i thought id put my car up on how she used too look






and now after a lot o hard work, which was done by my self and me bro

she looks like this










the main body work was dun by a shop but all the did was fill in dents and rust, spray the bottom grey half black and sprayed the rear bumper.


me and me bro sprayed the whole of the front bumber with arosols and mounted that and the rear bumper. I havent the skirts on yet but i sprayed those, but its not the weather to get em on yet.

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and this is my interior that took the whole day to mount and put together apart from the door cards my GF dun those the night before









well there she is the main reason why im broke most of the time, but i look at it and think yeah ive dun that and its an amazing feeling wen u have dun somthin like that


Lemme know what u guys think :thumb:


p.s sorry if ive done wrong by posting too many pics, lemme know if i have

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thanks for your kind word guys, most think its just an escort but i love it, shes my pride and joy (plz dont tell the missis, hehe)


well the next plans for her when i get a bit of money is to put a new camshaft in her as mine has more rattle than a 1litre a reg fezzy, then put the skirts on her wen the weather warms up a bit (thats the problem with d.i.y)

then do some sort of an install, but nothing to snazzy. and paint the dash bits, oh.... and i want to do a morrette head lame conversion, and thats about it, hopefully the engine will last, lol

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