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Having some trouble at the moment, giles cant get into my seats and neither will Harvey gibbs cause he apperntly twice the size !!! As it stands im in the red by almost a grand 8o my own fualt for tryin to caculate money before ive got it , and it back fired .... seein as i cant convince giles to go on a diet could any one lend me two seats :( with brackets too ?? I honestly cant afford a penny, ive got the gf on my bac cause i cant afford to see her


Any help would b appraicted and id pay you back in the future some tinme, just lookin for a bit of generosity .... please :)

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Can borrow this dirty pair if you're desperate! :cheers:


Still got subframes on etc etc


Am coming down Portsmouth this weekend, but I ain't got space to put these and 2 bonnets in! ;(



actually, they need to be in Northampton, could you bring them at all? :)


Bring em to me, i'll get em to Giles?

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Oh be careful in pompy wiv all them dirty scates about


Pull up at the lights , go to pull away and your b left on bricks, two minutes later some scate will nick the bricks too ....


Least where u live people smash the window to break into the car, down there they nick ure window as well 8o

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