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I need some help


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I've got a set of white dials and i'm trying to take the clocks out. Really didnt think it would be hard but i've come to a dead end.


I've taken the front off and removed the bulbs ...




& here's what it looks like ...




There were 2 screws holding each clock in as you can see from the next pic ...




I've taken them out and the clocks are still not coming out?


I tried using a bit of force but if they are attached to something else i don't want to brake anything. I'm guessing just a bit of wiring but how do i get behind there?








Anyone? :thumb:

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i would't advise taking the needles off


they will have been positioned so they read correctly


removing the speedo needle will cause the spring to uncoil and will not go on in the right place - thus read wrongly


the rev counter is filled with silcone and will also not read properly afterwards


if your trying to make a template i would advise getting a cheap set of black dials and ripping them to bits - you wont get them back working again so dont even try




PS dont tip the rev counter onto its face as the silcone oil will run out which will fcuk it up

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