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near death x2


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dear me, went to change my wheel....checked jacking points (used 2 jacks 1ford 1 and a £30 jobby from halfords)


had the ford one, liftin the car from the side and the bigun under the wishbone (bottom of strut) got it all secure, just about to pull the wheel off and remmebered that i needed to screw my skirt on a lil more, went under the car, screwed taht in then came from under it, the ford jack 'sprung away' then then the 1 onthe wishbone done the same thing EVEN THOUGH I CHECK TO MAKE SURE THEY WERE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!


so the car slammed down on to the deck, wheel hanging on by 1 tiny thread (took all nuts off) which was deflatin wht tiny air it had left, if it got down any further the wheel would have bent on the lip where teh nutstem goes and landed on caliper, luckly i acted quick and got the jack under the sidebefore it went too lowand support it, got new wheel on, check most things my self and it seems fine....going to ford to get it check tomorrow, am shitin to drive it il igot the ok now 8o

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wo wo wo, i am confident, i have changed the wheels GOD KNOWS HOW MANY TIMES, i have took the lump out, numourus stuff, like i said i check all the stands before going near it, then like i say theu just 'sprung' away,


Esc cos Al: it was nearest thing to me :(

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