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getting rs2000 beam soon for rear disc conversion and was wondering what caliper's to stick on


i have been told to look at



mondy v6



but was wondering what size disc's i could get on on all of these , and would there fit on the rs2000 beam, also want bigger discs on front , so would like to upgrade calipers, or would i need to upgrade the beam aswell, again what size's for the front of them cars and would they go on a standard for beam or would i need a rs2000 beam for the front

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A decent beam will include calipers! Wouldn't bother messing around getting new brakets fabricated for owt else.


Size of disc depends on the mounting of the caliper, but standard RS2k ones are 270mm solid discs.


Don't need to have matching brakes all round btw :thumb:

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You haven't got a front beam mate! Least I hope not lol! Different suspension setup to rear. :thumb:


AFAIK, you need to change calipers to RS2000 to upgrade to 260mm discs, or ST170 for 300mm. I suppose you could have the calipers custom mounted further out to take bigger discs, but you'll still have small calipers.

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